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Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath are two names that quickly come to mind whenever think of supercross motorcycle racing. Unfortunately, this often leaves out of number of other popular and well performing supercross riders.  One of those riders includes Chad Reed. Although he may not be as well known as Ricky Carmichael or Jeremy McGrath, he has earned to right to be known as a popular supercross motorcycle rider.

What is unique about Chad Reed, when compared to other professional supercross motorcycle racers, is that he is not American born.  Instead, Reed was born in Australia.  In fact, that is where he got his start in supercross motorcycle racing.  Fortunately, for Chad Reed, supercross motorcycle racing is just as popular in Australia as it is in the United States. After successfully winning the Australian Supercross Championship, Reed made the move to the European Supercross Series.  

Not long after his move the European Supercross Series, Chad Reed finally made the move to the United States; a move that he had been dreaming of since his rise in supercross popularity. Once in the United States, Chad Reed joined Team Yamaha.  During this time, he was crowned the East Coast Supercross Champion. The East Coast Supercross Championship would not be the only highlight of Chad Reed's career, in fact, he went on and still continues to rack up the wins.

Although Chad Reed rocketed to superstar status with supercross racing, it hasn't always been easy sailing. For instance, in 2003, it was anticipated that he would win the championship. This is because he won a large number of races, when compared to the other top competitors.  However, Reed was unable to hold off his competitor, Ricky Carmichael. During the last round of the championship, he ended up loosing the championship to this other popular and highly recognized supercross motorcycle racer.

Once again, in 2006, Chad Reed suffered disappointment at the hands of Ricky Carmichael. After suffering a painful shoulder injury, he was unable to race at the best of his ability. Despite this painful injury, he was still able to successfully compete in supercross racing. In fact, he almost won the 2006 championship, but, once again, the championship went to Ricky Carmichael. Although Chad Reed did not win the AMA Supercross Championship as he had intended to do, he did come in a close second.  It is reported that he only lost by two points.  

According to his online website, which can be found at www.chadreedracing dot com, Reed currently resides in Date City, Florida with his wife.  In the off-season, he enjoys participating in water sports, playing blackjack, and golfing.  It has been said that he doesn't necessarily consider supercross motorcycle racing as a job.  He enjoys racing because of the sport and it is something that he loves doing everyday of his life.

As previously mentioned, the online website for Chad Reed can be found at www.chadreedracing dot com.  That online website is the place to go if you are looking for more information on this popular supercross rider. In addition to more information on his personal life, as well as his supercross career, you can also find links to official autographed merchandise. Whether you want a piece of autographed history or just a plain old shirt, you can find what you are looking for online. What better way to look stylish and support your favorite rider at the same time?


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Supercross Motorcycle Rider Chad Reed

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This article was published on 2010/03/08